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I’ve had paint under my nails for as long as I can remember. I’ve loved every different type of creative activity that I’ve tried. Taking every art class offered in high school and ending with an art minor in college along with many twists and turns has led me to where I am today. My husband used to say I had a new hobby each week and while there may be some truth to that I have been consistent with my need to create and paint. 

Pure Joy Creative came out of a need for a creative release and to supplement our family’s income. My Etsy shop has gone through a few changes over the years from scripture art with stenciled letters, to felt food and sewing dresses. I’ve sold a wide variety of items over the past fifteen years. Things have become more consistent in the last 10 years. I started hand lettering during my job as the Director of Afternoons at my kids school. I would draw and write in the quiet room while the kids did their homework. This led to many people asking me to write specific things for them. And eventually going back to my start of scripture art but using my own lettering instead of tracing fonts from my computer. 

I believe that practice makes progress, which is good because I am NOT a perfectionist. I am learning and growing and finding my style a little more each time I pick up my pen or brush. I am thrilled to be able to teach K-8 art and work alongside some of my favorite artists. And this bleeds over into Pure Joy Creative because they offer me inspiration and the need for a creative release from time to time. 

I wouldn’t be able to do anything that I do in my small business without the love and support of my family. My husband and I have been married for almost 22 years (which seems impossible since I’m only 30 ) and God has blessed our union with six amazing and crazy kids on earth and one sweet baby that we will get to meet in heaven. We are Christians which should be very obvious from my work and more specifically we are members of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. My husband is a Pastor and I am so blessed to be able to raise our kids with him, I also run my small business and teach art part-time for K-8 at the school some of my kids attend. We have kids in all ranges of development which is great at keeping us on our toes.

Pure Joy Creative will be here to get more scripture on more walls until I feel that my time in creating, marketing and selling has come to an end (which I don’t foresee happening for a long time). I am grateful for the gifts I have been given in order to share the greatest gift of all, Jesus’ love, mercy and grace for us all.  

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Pure Joy Creative is devoted to the sharing of God's Word through original artwork, worship resources and other creative arts.


Redeemed*Daughter of the one true God* Getting more scripture on more walls LCMS PW*Mom to 6* Scripture painter* K-12 Art teacher* Lefty Letterer*
Branson is a Lutheran homeschool mom who loves books, board games, and helping people in her work at her local library. She has a heart for working with senior citizens and can often be found wandering in the woods for fun.